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Posted by Bruce Williams on June 26, 2016 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (8)

When was the last time that you can honestly say, that you actually took even ten seconds to consider how truly blessed you really are, or acknowledged the existence of GOD in your life? When was the last time that you can honestly say, that you actually thanked GOD for anything? Take a moment and consider the following. You fall asleep every night and wake up in the morning with or without the sound of an alarm clock, or to someone gently nudging you, or to someone calling your name? Or maybe you wake up because of the strong urgency to complete several challenging To-Do Lists, that will allow you to daily experience a great sense of accomplishment? Or maybe you wake up because of a great desire, to daily experience the myriad of life’s wonderful experiences with family, friends and loved ones. The list of potential reasons is endless. But none of them really matter.

Every morning that you are blessed to open your eyes, there are literally thousands who sadly continue to sleep, their bodies stiff as boards, totally unaware that at some point during the night, they took their very last breath. Most people take so much for granted. Are you one of them? How much do you daily take for granted? Whatever the number of days and years that you have been blessed to experience the good or the bad, GOD has been so very good to you. By His Divine Grace, you daily live, move and have your being in Him. It is "HE" alone, who is completely responsible for every breath that you take, and for every beat of your heart. He loves you and created you for a "Divine Purpose", and He daily fills your life with a multutude of HIS many wondrous blessings.

What blessings has GOD allowed you to personally experience in your life? What situations or circumstances has He blessed you to overcome or survive? Are you healthy with a sound mind, able to think and make rational decisions for yourself? Have you overcome a major life threatening sickness, disease or illness that doctors said you would never survive? Have you survived the pain suffering or state of depression due to the separation, divorce, or death of someone you loved dearly? Do you wonder how you were able to persevere during that chaotic period of your life? Are you currently in a situation that you’re surviving only by GOD's mercy and grace? Have you experienced any of the situations above or others not mentioned? Have you told anyone at all, how good GOD has been to you? If not, take advantage of this opportunity right now. Tell the world how truly great GOD really is. Acknowledge HIM, praise HIM and honor HIM from your heart with your testimony of HIS goodness. You may encourage and uplift someone who is currently experiencing the same type of situation or circumstances that you have already been blessed enough to survive. You may strengthen someone who just happened to to be led to visit this website, who's feeling totally lost, alone, isolated, discouraged and depressed. You may even influence someone who is currently contemplating suicide, to choose life instead of death. You may cause someone to experience a sense of “Hope”. Please know, that no comment that you submit will be considered too small, or to large. Make no mistake about it, GOD has allowed you to survive the many challenges and circumstances of your life, to be a blessing to someone else. Tell your story to that special individual, who is waiting to hear specifically from you. GOD will undoubtedly be extremely pleased, and you will be blessed. GOD BLESS.

Scroll back to the top right hand side of this page and click on the "COMMENTS" link. It will take you to another link entitled "POST A COMMENT", where you will type your name and email address. Type your comment in the message box explaining "HOW GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU" and click on "POST YOUR COMMENT" to publish it on the live webpage. Thank you for being the great blessing that GOD has created you to be. GOD BLESS.